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Hungaroring lies some 22 Km to the North-east of Budapest, near the village of Mogyoród. Travel from the city and its Ferihegy International airport is easy using the E71/M3 roads in the direction of Miskolc.

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Race History

It has been thirty years since 1986, when, not far from Budapest, among the slopes of Mogyorod, Hungaroring started its operation. At that time the race track lacked every pre-history, virtually starting from scratch in probably one of the most professional sports of the world, Formula-1. And now Hungaroring has been a constant location of the grandiose series of races for thirty years, a series in which the standard of everything is the ’perfect’ around the world and in which Bernie Ecclestone will accept only the best in everything.

The great race tracks of the world, among them Hungaroring in the past three decades, are not only to host the world championships and, as their capacity allows, provide opportunity to practice for those passionate about motorsports, but to serve as a sort of think tank hub of the automotive life of the given country.

formula one hungary

The Hungaroring Circuit

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