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sopron city With its 115 monuments and 240 listed buildings, SOPRON can justly claim to be "the most historic town in Hungary".
Never having been ravaged by Mongols or Turks, the inner town retains its medieval layout, with a fusion of Gothic and Baroque architecture that rivals Castle Hill in Budapest. Sopron is also a major wine-producing centre and the base for excursions to Esterházy Palace, the vintage steam train at Nagycenk and other sites.
On arriving at the main train station south of the centre, head 500m up Mátyás király utca to reach Széchenyi tér and the Belváros (the old inner city). Coming in by intercity bus, a five-minute walk along Lackner Kristóf utca will bring you to Ógabona tér, on the edge of the old quarter.

uj utca sopron Around the Belváros
Heading up Templom utca, turn right along Fegyvertár utca to reach Orsolya tér. This cobbled square gets its name from an Ursuline convent that once occupied the site of the Church of the Virgin, sandwiched between two neo-Gothic edifices dripping with loggias. The one on the left hosts an Exhibition of Catholic Artefacts, while the arcaded building at no. 5 contains a small Guild Museum where ceramics (both originals and replicas) are sold. In former times, animals were butchered under the arcades and the square was the site of the Salt Market.

Új utca (New street) runs off to the northwest and is actually one of Sopron's oldest thoroughfares. Its chunky cobble stoned pavements follow a gentle curve of arched dwellings painted in red, yellow and pick. During the Middle Ages it was called Zsidó (Jewish) utca and housed a flourishing community of Jewish merchants. As elsewhere, however, they were accused of conspiring with the Turks and expelled from Hungary in 1526, only returning to Sopron in the nineteenth century. At no. 22 on the left is a tiny medieval Synagogue with a ritual bath in the courtyard.

sopron holy trinity Fö tér
The focal point of Fö tér is the cherubim covered Holy Trinity Statue, which local protestants took as an affront when it was erected in 1700 by Cardinal Kollonich, who threatened: "First I will make the Hungarians slaves, then I will make them beggars, and then I will make them Catholics." Behind it stands the triple-aisled Goat Church built for the Franciscans in 1300, where three kings were later crowned and Parliament convened on seven occasions. Its curious name stems from the legend that the church's construction was financed by a goatherd whose flock unearthed a cache of loot - in gratitude for which an angel embraces a goat on one of the pillars of its Baroque interior.

sopron tüztorony The Firewatch Tower
North-of the square rises Sopron's symbol, the Firewatch Tower (Tüztorony), founded upon the stones of a fortress built by the Romans, who established the town of Scarbantia here during the first century AD. As its name suggests, the tower was intended to give warning of a fire anywhere in town - while standing watch, the sentries blew trumpets to signal the hours. Ascending from its square, tenth-century base up through a cylindrical seventeenth-century mid-section, you emerge on to a Baroque balcony offering a stunning view of Fő tér and the inner town. At the base of the tower is the Gate of Loyalty, erected in honour of the town­folks' decision to reject the offer of Austrian citizenship in 1921.
The motif shows Hungaria surrounded by kneeling citizens and Sopron's coat of arms, which henceforth included the title Civitas Fidelissima (the most faithful town). Walking through it, you'll emerge on to Külsökapu (Outer Gate) street, where the houses are staggered for defensive purposes; and "errant burghers" and "gossiping, nagging" wives were once pinioned in stocks for the righteous to pelt with rotten food.

sopron st michael Beyond the Belváros
Ikva hid (crossing a narrow stream which flooded noxiously in the nineteenth century) points towards a couple more sights. Off to the right at Balfi utca 11 is the private Zettl-Larger Collection of porcelain, earthenware and weaponry, assembled by a nineteenth-century businessman.
For a longer walk, follow Pozsonyi út uphill past the House of the Two Moors (so-called after the turbaned statues flanking its gate) to the partially Gothic Church of Saint Michael, whose gargoyles leer over a decaying thir­teenth-century Chapel of Saint Jacob. Nearby stand the cross-less tombstones of Soviet soldiers killed liberating Sopron from the Arrow Cross puppet government, which massacred hundreds of hostages before fleeing with the Coronation Regalia in April 1945.

tarodi var The Fool's Castle
In the western garden suburbs lurks a bizarre Fool's Castle" (Taródi-vár), built by a local eccentric early this century and similar to Bory's Castle in Székesfehérvár. It is still inhabited by his descendants, who allow visitors to enter several rooms crammed with paintings and curios; and who have recently started tatting paying guests.

The Lövérek Hills and the Bürgenland
South of town, the sub-Alpine Lövérek Hills are a standing invitation to hikers. Bus #1 or #2 will drop you at the Hotel Lövér near the start of the path up to the Károly lookout tower, which offers marvellous views of the surrounding countryside. Although several hiking trails continue into Austria, only locals may pass through the low-key checkpoints. Both sides of the border are inhabited by bilingual folk engaged in viticulture, following the division of the Bürgenland region between Hungary and Austria (which got the lion's share) after the collapse of the Habsburg empire - an amicable partition, it seems, since nobody complains about it today..


Hotels of Sopron

Palatinus Panzió Sopron, Sopron

Palatinus Panzió Sopron

3-star-bed & breakfast in Sopron, 220 kms from Budapest.
Number of rooms: 31

The Palatinus Pension is one of the well-known pensions of Sopron, is waiting for its dear guests with its cosy rooms and with moderated prices.
Hotel Lövér, Sopron

Hotel Lövér

4-star hotel in Sopron, 220 kms from Budapest.
Number of rooms: 185

Sopron is a nice town in northwestern Hungary on the border. A beautiful baroque downtown offers a lot of places of high interest to see. The hotel is situated at the bottom of Karoly Hill, which is part of the foothills of the Alps.
Hotel Fagus, Sopron

Hotel Fagus

4-star hotel in Sopron, 220 kms from Budapest.
Number of rooms: 144
 air-conditioned hotel  Air-Conditioned Accommodation
The Fagus Hotel is a popular wellness and conference hotel in Sopron, and provides services aimed to create a feeling of total comfort and relaxation. The Fagus Hotel is situated in the forests of the Lõvérek.
Pannonia Hotel , Sopron

Pannonia Hotel

4-star hotel in Sopron, 220 kms from Budapest.
Number of rooms: 62

The hotel - the oldest one in Sopron - was built in classic style at the end of the 19th century (1893) is located in the heart of Sopron, a few steps from its historical nucleus. Restored to an original elegance , it awaits the guests with 62 individually designed rooms-including 14 suites.

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